This is a selection of works from fellow sustainable artists i would like to share with you.

Exposing Nature as a Form of Sculpture

Fonderie 47: Transforming Firearms into Beautiful Jewellery

Artistry Uncorked: Scott Gundersen’s Amazing Wine Stopper Portraits

Hendzel and Hunt’s Cabinet of Wonders

Rad Re-tread: This Recycled Rubber Chair Rocks

Colourful Art from Discarded Magazine Pages

Cardboard Cubed: A Surprisingly Sturdy Stool from Dutch Design

A Steam-Bent Bench Flexes Its Ribs

Bringing New Life to Old Issues of Artforum Magazine

Thoroughbred Recycling: Computer Buttons Give Life to Trojan Horse Sculpture

A Sustainable Rubik’s Cube for Your Home

Recycled Nepalese Silk: Style, Colour, and Sustainability

The Club Sofa: Handmade of Eco-Friendly Materials

Sustainable Sculpture: James Doran-Webb’s Driftwood Animals

It’s Alive! Soil and Fungus Wonder Material


David Nash and Kew Gardens: One Strong Message

Steam-Bent Wood Furniture from Tom Raffield

From Waste to Wonder: Forward-Thinking Design with a Global Impact

To-Go Container: Flat-Packed Sculptures Made of Discarded Objects

Eco Design: A Holistic View of Sustainability

Infinite Series: When Lamps Grow Organically No Two Are the Same

Words Alive: Another Chapter for Old Books

Beautiful in Bamboo: Weaving a New Concept in Cars

Organic Modernism: Using Nature as a Medium

Yesterday’s News: A Different Kind of Wood

From The Sea With Love: Seaweed As Furniture Material.

Modern Paintings on Rustic Reclaimed Wood

Pretty Pollution: Toxic Waste Becomes Art

Fizzy Funk: A Furniture Line Made of Recycled Soda Cans

Tokyo Chic: Incredibly Detailed Sculptures Made of Broken Skateboards

Up from the Weeds: A Modern Chair Made from Artichoke Thistle Fibre

Canlove Graffiti Recycling Program

Recycle This and Recycle That: Salvaged Folding Table

Plastic Beach: Turning Washed Up Rubbish Into Art

wood doing good

Plumen Hive: Design Meets Functionality

Rooted: The Environmental Art of Will Beckers

Against the Grain: Hip Sunglasses Made from Discarded Wood

Delicate Images Spring from Discarded Materials

Gustavo Sousa’s Rain Paintings

Corkigami: Unfolding the Beauty of a Natural Material

Handmade Recycled Paper Lamps

Energy Independence: A Lamp That Recharges Itself

Finding Inspiration in Wood

Kinetic Sculptures Inspired by Nature

A Dream Landscape of Discarded CDs

An Elegant Wooden Lamp Illuminated by LEDs

Replay: Journals Made from Recycled Record Covers

Beauty in Imperfection: Sea-Weathered Wood Furniture

Square Roots: Retro Recycled Glass from Arhaus

Flower Constructions

Factory Work: Get Back Inc’s Vintage American Industrial Decor

Ecotopia Cornucopia: Henry Baumann’s Up-Cycled Art

Decked Out: Cool Jewellery Made from Junked Skateboards

Coffee Stain Masterpieces: The Artwork of Michael Aaron Williams

Modern Living Is About Better Performance.

New Wave: Everyday Objects Swept Away in a Tsunami of Recycled Magazines

Tea Cup Rocking Chair

Repurposing with a Purpose

Pop Art: A Siberian Home Decorated with Bottle Caps

Robot Turns Recycled Fridges into Furniture

A New Chapter: Antique Books Become Art

Delicate Symbiosis: A Guerrilla Sculptor Transforms Public Spaces

Wood Fire: Amazing LED Lights Made from Discarded Logs

Realistic Cityscapes Made from Scrap Wood

Re-Invention: A Stylish Chair Made of Recycled Bottle Caps

Handmade Ceramic Speakers from Studio Joon&Jung

Cork, Cork, and More Cork

Ruben Thier’s Organic Factory

Aluminium and Cork: Luis Branco’s Featherweight Stool

Waist Not: Colourful Furniture Made from Old Belts