My vision

In the future, sustainable design won’t be an option, it will be a given.

Ready or not, we are going to have to re-imagine how we manage our limited resources. And that re-imagination has already begun. As constraints grow tighter, necessity will force our imaginations to flourish, and that is beautiful.

I approach design with an eye to this re-imagined world, where scarcity is met with creativity ingenuity to bring a better product, one that performs efficiently and effectively and does not disrupt the natural balance.

Honesty Will Be The Only Policy

Marketing gimmicks can make mountains out of molehills, make us want what we don’t need. But consumers are wising up. Technology has filled our lives with chatter, but it has also given us the tools to uncover hollow claims and make wise choices.

Materialistic People Will Respect Nature

Our society is often accused of being materialistic. In truth, we are not sufficiently so, or we would be conserve the materials Nature provides. The argument won’t be between conservation and consumption, but about how we can continue to have what we need well into the future.

Consuming Well Will Be Cool

In the past, having the it product was the mantra for cool people. No longer. The future of cool means consuming in a smarter way. Cool will be defined not just by what you have, but what you don’t.

Content Will Be King

Since the Industrial Revolution and the advent of mass production, design has been focused on the surface, much to its detriment. The future of design will be about performance and utility, not just aesthetics. Interestingly enough design that is inspired by function tends to beautiful, as if the eye innately detects right from wrong.

Good Design Will Endure

To be truly sustainable, a product must last. But it’s longevity depends on more than the durability of its materials; the design itself must be timeless and the manufacturing based on quality. I strive to create that which will met all the criteria, sensual and practical, now and for many years to come.